DBWX2 Drive By Wire Throttle controller for Megasquirt 3 or standalone

DBWX2 Drive By Wire Throttle controller for Megasquirt 3 or standalone

DBWX2 Drive By Wire Throttle controller for Megasquirt

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Drive by Wire controller for Megasquirt 3 and Megasquirt 3 based ECUs.  Controls 2 thottle bodies or throttle body and fully electronic boost control. 

The DBWX2 Controller communicates with MS3 via CAN and therefore you can get all DBW based strategies done with ECU, which are available in firmware. Calibration is also done by familiar Tunerstudio and it´s very simple. DBW Calibrations and tuning can be done straightly Through MS3. But it can also be used as a standalone unit, for example with carburettors!

User Manual

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What is drive by wire?

Drive by wire throttle control is a technique that all modern engines use. Driver does not directly control the throttle butterlfy opening in a drive by wire enabled engine. Instead the ECU will decide how much the throttle butterfly will be opened depending on programming.

That sounds dangerous. Is it safe?

DBWX2 controller has dual processors onboard that monitor the pedal and throttlebody. If a fault is detected throttle buttefly will power off and close. Also the controller unit has an output that can be used to shut down engine. An argument could be made that a correcly installed dbw system is safer than conventional cable throttle where you are in for the ride if the throttle cable gets stuck.

Can I use my old accelerator pedal?

It depends. It is possible to use a "cable throttle DBW potentiometer". This is essentially a redundant potentiometer mounted on a cable throttle system found in some hondas and PSA cars. The accelerator pedal and the DBW throttlebody both use redundant feedback signaling. There are two sensors in the pedal and throttlebody. This allows the controller match the position signals and determine error conditions.

Does this work with my Megasquirt ECU?

Yes! but only if you have a MegaSquirt3 or MS3 based ecu. DBWX2 controller will connect to these ecu's via CAN-bus.

I see a mention of boost actuator control. Does this controller work as boost controller also?

DBWX2 does not have a actual boost controller. Instead the electronic boost actuator control works by mapping the actuator position to the boost dutycycle CAN-bus message received from the ECU. So you use the ECU's boost controller as usual, and the DBWX2 will look for the CAN messages to control the electronic boost actuator position.


- 2 H-Bridges with 10A output. 

- Built in advanced safety features

- Individual PID control strategy for each channel. 

- Freely configurable CAN-bus communication that enables possibilities found only in premium priced systems. 

- Possibilities include Twincharging (SC & Turbo) bypass valve control, Intake trumpet lenght control, SuperCharger bypass valve control... Anything that is operated with a H-bridge

- Tuning and calibration with Tunerstudio MS can be done either by MS3 connected to laptop or by it´s own USB port. Depending on use.

- Full CAN bus compability wit Megasquirt 3 -based products.

- Molex connectors and sealed casing allows under hood install. (USB port must be protected with cap included!)


(Especially for U.S markets)





This installation is not for the tuning novice! Use this system with EXTREME caution! The DBWX2-contoller includes several safety features, but using it without fully understanding the risks is strictly NOT ALLOWED by us. Despite several safety features, misuse or improper tuning of this product can cause damage or accident!

If you are not well versed in engine behavior and the tuning of engine management systems, or DBW system, DO NOT attempt the installation.

NOTE: All supplied DBWX2 calibrations and other tuning information are offered as potential starting points only.


Protoparts Oy OR the manufacturer holds no responsibility for any damage that results from the misuse or mistuning of this product!

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